Top 10 Reasons to Go On a Cruise

Many potential cruisers hesitate to book a cruise due to common misconceptions about seasickness and feeling confined onboard. For those considering a cruise vacation but still uncertain, look at these top 10 reasons to go on a cruise.

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A cruise vacation provides excellent value for money

Cruise deals are a great way to get exclusive offers and free bookings for your next vacation. They provide excellent value for your money as the fares include almost everything you need for a memorable trip, such as food, accommodation, entertainment, and transportation to various destinations.

You can find incredible fares on popular cruise lines for less than $100 per person, per night, which is significantly cheaper than staying on land, including a hotel, dinner, and a show. Additionally, some cruise lines offer kids free or discounted fares when sharing a cabin with two adults.

If you’re looking for a luxury experience, the best luxury cruise lines are even more comprehensive, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, gratuities, shore excursions, onboard credits, and flights all included in the fare. For those on a tight budget, there are also plenty of cheap cruises to explore and contemplate.


Multiple destinations, one trip

Senior cruises offer a convenient way to travel from one city or island to another, as you only need to unpack your luggage once and let your floating accommodation take you to your next destination. You can avoid the hassle of managing transportation schedules, and the inconvenience of carrying your suitcase along bumpy cobblestone streets.


Each morning, you’ll wake up in a new location without having to physically move your belongings. If you’re undecided about whether to visit Italy or Spain, don’t worry; senior cruises offer travel itineraries that allow you to explore all the cities on your wish list.


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Family Friendly cruise ships

For family cruises, many cruise lines cater to all age groups, from toddlers to teenagers and grandparents to grandkids. You no longer need to struggle to find a holiday that your children of different ages will all enjoy, as many ships now have extensive kids’ facilities that are divided by age.


Teenagers can hang out in their own designated areas, far from the play spaces for younger children and away from parent-centric pools and bars. With features like video games and swimming pools, it’s no wonder why families love cruising as it provides time for everyone to be together during dinner or excursions to different ports.

Moreover, parents can also take advantage of late-night hours in the kids’ club and enjoy a romantic dinner alone.



Cruise Ships offer a wide variety of activities

Cruise ships nowadays are created to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you want to have a luxurious spa experience while your partner enjoys the casino, or just relax under the sun while your family plays basketball, all of these options are available on board with an activities list to choose from.


You can choose to attend various activities such as educational lectures, wine tastings, computer classes, or dance workshops. You can even participate in painting, bridge playing, language learning, and yoga. As for dining options, there are plenty to choose from – casual buffets, fancy sit-down restaurants, sushi bars, diners, and steak houses.  The ship also entertains such as movies, comedy routines, song-and-dance shows, and live music performances.


If you simply want to do nothing and enjoy the journey from port to port, that is also an option. Anything is possible on a cruise ship.



Cruise holidays are simple to plan

Planning a cruise holiday is hassle-free since it combines accommodation and transportation in one package. Choose your preferred ship, itinerary, and cabin type, and you’re good to go without the need to search for hotels or arrange transportation between destinations.


You can even ask your travel agent to arrange your airfare or select a cruise port within driving distance to simplify your planning process further. Group cruises are also straightforward to book since cruise lines have established plans for group travel. You won’t have to coordinate with your family and friends from different locations as the cruise line will take care of it. Furthermore, booking enough cabins can earn you additional benefits, such as a complimentary fare.



Cruise ships are like cities on water

If you’re worried about being stranded in the ocean during a cruise, you can rest assured that modern cruise ships are like huge floating cities that have all the amenities you could need. You can stay connected to the outside world with Wi-Fi and satellite TV, or enjoy onboard facilities like shops, medical centers, laundry services, gyms, spas, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In case of an emergency, there are enough lifeboats to ensure everyone’s safety.



Cruise ships are very versatile in terms of destinations

A cruise is a convenient and comfortable way to explore some of the foreign and exotic destinations in the world. The cruise itinerary includes stops at major cities and charming villages that are regional highlights, eliminating the need for you to research the best places to visit in an unfamiliar destination.


If you are uneasy with exploring a new location on your own, you can opt for a ship tour guide with English-speaking. Alternatively, you can connect with experienced travelers you meet online or onboard and share a cab or private guide.




Cruising is romantic

“The Love Boat” has clarified that sea travel can be romantic. The wind in your hair, the endless ocean views, and the stars above set the perfect atmosphere for love and romance, and this is something you can genuinely experience on a cruise.


If you want to spend more time with your partner, there are many opportunities for it on a cruise, such as sharing lounge chairs by the pool, having dinner at a private table for two, dancing in the evening, or exploring onshore together.


Cruise companies offer exclusive packages for romantic occasions such as honeymoons, vow renewals, and onboard and onshore weddings.



Cruising is great for making new friends and socializing

If you enjoy meeting people from different places, cruising is an excellent way to make new friends. You can join a group and meet other cruisers online before you embark. During your trip, you can socialize with fellow passengers at your dinner table, in the bar, or by the pool. Children can also find playmates their age during youth activities. And who knows a romantic relationship may even develop during your cruise.



Cruise ships exist in a variety of shapes and sizes

Different people have varying preferences when it comes to selecting an ideal cruise ship. One person may favor a large ship equipped with features such as outdoor movie theatres and rock-climbing walls, while another person may opt for a small and luxurious vessel with a sophisticated atmosphere. Similarly, someone else may seek the authentic experience of a tall sailing ship. Fortunately, the market caters to these diverse preferences as a range of cruise ships are available, spanning from French Country Waterways’ 12-person river barges to Royal Caribbean’s massive 5,400-passenger Oasis of the Seas.



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