How to choose an independent living community

Choosing independent living may seem daunting, but it's a chance to begin anew. These communities provide security, a sense of community, and the freedom to explore. This lets retirees fully relish the retirement they've earned. We're dedicated to simplifying your search for independent living.

How to choose an independent living community

What is an Independent Living?

Picture retirement living as a chance to gain independence, not lose it. These 55+ communities provide an ideal lifestyle. When you stay in a retirement community, you become part of a vibrant community of peers with similar life experiences and interests. With independent living, you have your own apartment or cottage right on campus and there are plenty of activities that can bring you together with other residents. From yoga sessions to guided trips to golf courses, the opportunities for group activities mean that the retirement community isn’t just an isolated space – it’s a hub of excitement and buzz! 

And best of all, you don’t have to worry about any tedious housework or maintenance – everything is taken care of within the retirement community from libraries to dining options to fitness centers. So dive into retirement living and look forward to gaining new experiences and living life as an independent adult.

What is the difference between assisted living and independent living?

For seniors who want the independence of living among their peers, but also need accessible amenities and services tailored to them, independent living is a great option. But for those struggling with physical or mental limitations, assisted living provides compassionate care in an environment focused on comfort and safety. Here, seniors can find a helping hand with tasks like dressing and bathing that have become difficult due to age-related impairments; experienced caregivers will make sure their basic needs are always met. Seniors with chronic health issues like arthritis or diabetes can rest assured that the staff at assisted living facilities are trained to provide the best possible care — ensuring their quality of life is maintained despite any physical limitations.

Is independence living for you?

Moving seniors into an independent living community requires careful thought and consideration, especially if it implies that your home needs to be sold. As you contemplate the decision, don’t forget to discuss it with seniors in your social circle who have already taken the plunge. They could provide invaluable wisdom and insight into what they experienced when they decided to move into an independent living space designed specifically for seniors. Though none of these stories will be exactly the same, each one will help you weigh up the pros and cons of whatever lifestyle plan you choose. You’ll hear tales that paint a vivid picture of why they may have suddenly decided to try out an independent living as seniors – all truly inspiring stories that can shed light on making this special milestone all the more easier to take.

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How to choose an independent living community?

Deciding to move into independent living is just the first step on your journey to a retirement community. With so many options available in senior living, you may find yourself unable to decide which independent living community will be best for you. Some older adults know right away when they’ve found their new home, while others need to carefully compare each of their choices before committing. To help narrow down your search and compare independent living retirement communities, consider these key questions.

What is your preferred location?

Taking the time to consider what type of location best fits your needs is essential when searching for a new community. While talking with family can be immensely helpful, it’s still important to do your own research. After all, you may want to pursue a lifelong dream and take the plunge by moving south for warmer weather. Ask yourself what atmosphere will allow you to flourish and make sure to contrast levels of urbanization when making your decision: are you looking to remain disconnected from the hustle-bustle of city life, or appreciate having plenty of activity at your fingertips? No matter what you decide, being aware of these details will help ensure you’re making a move that is right for you.

Does it offer the services and activities you want?

When looking for a facility that fits your needs, it’s important to verify that the place is what you’re looking for. Ask if you can see their activity calendar from the previous year and the list of services they offer. Are residents socializing with each other or are they more independent? Check if residents have a say in the planning of activities – Are there committees? Is it easy to organize movie nights, or does management plans everything? When seniors have control over event planning, they get to create solutions that reflect their preferences and make them feel more at home.

What emergency and security measures does it have?

Retirement communities are an excellent, safe way to enjoy all the benefits of community living, but it’s critical to ensure that the security measures are first-rate. Be sure to take a thorough tour and ask questions so you can spot potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, find out who provides the emergency response services and how quickly emergency responders can be on-site in case of an emergency – especially for elderly residents already in fragile health. Make sure that emergency preparedness has been factored into the setup with emergency services available 24/7. Also ensure that security will be in place during all days, nights, weekends, and holidays for senior safety and enjoyment.

Can you afford it?

Consider speaking with our retirement planner or certified financial adviser before making a decision, so you know for sure that the place you settle on will be kept in your budget for as long as you require it. Many seniors also take advantage of their home’s equity to help offset costs and make payments when transitioning into independent living. Consider all of your options and make smart decisions alongside your Hey Personal Assistant.


Looking for the perfect independent living community can be confusing and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be! Hey Personal Assistant understands how important this decision is and wants to provide a helping hand. With just one call, our team will find the perfect option for you! We’ll explore all the possibilities and eliminate the intimidation of finding an independent living community. Call us at (855) 440-7015 and let us show you how stress-free making life-changing decisions can be with Hey Personal Assistant.