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Play Video about Hey Personal Assistant was founded in 2021 in Muncie, Indiana. We are an independent membership for individuals aged 55 and older. Our services include AI-powered discount search engine, insider medical supply discounts and ordering assistance and travel booking assistances, Hey Personal Assistant is on mission to provide our members with services they need to better their lives than ever.

CEO & Founder Lucas Blair talks about what Hey Personal Assistant means and how we deliver valuable services that members can fortify and champion their strengths.

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AI Senior Discounts Search Engine

Play Video about Looking for senior discounts? Discover how easy it is with Hey Personal Assistant's AI Senior Discount Search Engine! From dining to shopping, find the best deals in your area with just a few clicks.

Discover how easy it is with AI Senior Discount Search Engine. From dining to shopping, find the best deals in your area with just a few clicks.

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Insider Pricing on Medical Supplies

Play Video about Order medical supplies with member-only prices on our sister company over 65,000 products. Request assistants to find and order the right product for you at any time.
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  • Email: the same email address you used for Hey Personal Assistant
  • Default Password: abc123

After you log on to Hey Med Supply for the first time, please update your password.

Order medical supplies with member-only prices on over 65,000 products. Request assistant to find and order the right product.

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AI Tech Assistance

Play Video about Enhancing your quality of life with smartphones and smart TVs is within reach, but the complexity of using them can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Our AI Tech Assistant is here to eliminate that hassle with easy, step-by-step guidance, transforming these devices into user-friendly gateways for entertainment and connectivity.

Use cellphones, computers and other digital devices in a breeze through our step-by-step smart guide from AI tech assistant.

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Trip Planning with Senior Discounts

Play Video about Travel agency for seniors. Let us do the trip planning. Book cruise vacation and process flight booking with senior discounts. Get customized quotes for free.

Your go-to trip planner. Your own trip planner will create itineraries and book trips with senior discounts.

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