Employee benefits enhanced

Employees age 55+ and retirees get their own online assistant, specializing applying senior discounts for major aspects of life.

Benefit details

1. AI senior discounts search engine

Search senior discounts for restaurants, super markets and other services for in an instant. Find savings at stores nearby.


2. Insider, entire-store medical supply discounts

Own personal assistant to help shop for medical supplies with member-only prices at our sister company over 65,000 products. Request your assistant to find and order the right products.


3. Exclusive trip planning for seniors

Dedicated personal assistant will do the trip planning. Apply senior discounts on cruises, hotels, car rentals, flight and more. No markup as your assistant works for you.


4. AI tech assistance

Use cellphones, computer and other digital devices a breeze through our step-by-step AI tech guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Including Hey Personal Assistant in your benefits package at no cost to you demonstrates your commitment to the diverse needs of your workforce, especially supporting senior employees with services that cater to their unique lifestyle and health needs.

We can expand your current benefit offerings. Our main benefit is that members get their own personal assistant who will take care many major aspects of daily tasks.

We provide comprehensive onboarding assistance to ensure your employees are fully aware of services we offer. Ongoing engagement support is also available to maintain high usage and satisfaction.

No, there is no cost. Instead, employees will get exclusive pricing through their organization.