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Retirement in Style: 7 Tips For A Happy Retirement

You might feel emotionally ready to retire, excited to be able to socialize with friends, enjoy leisurely activities and indulge in the odd trip away. All things that have likely crossed your mind when thinking about how you’ll spend retirement. Beyond all that though, have you given much thought about the other factors that could ultimately lead to a happy retirement?

Retirement Lifestyle

How Much Do I Need to Retire [Saving Calculators Included]

The key step of retirement planning is answer this crucial question: How much do I need to retire? It can vary by individual, and it will get affected by your income, your lifestyle and even your health.

Retirement Lifestyle

How to Choose an Independent Living Community

Senior living should be an enjoyable, worry-free experience. With this in mind, we’ve created a helpful guide to assist you when selecting the right independent community for yourself or your loved ones! We’ll educate and enlighten you on key factors that could make all the difference – so come join us as we explore what it takes to pick out the perfect place.

Retirement Lifestyle

6 Tips for Living on a Fixed Income in Retirement

Retired seniors can adjust to the constraints of a fixed income by monitoring and establishing a budget to manage their day-to-day expenses effectively. They can also prioritize debt repayment, explore opportunities for extra income through side jobs, and implement other strategies to navigate their financial situation successfully. Learn these 6 tips for living on a fixed income in retirement.

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